Ancient Future Prophecy

Parallel dimensions are related in the Popol Wuj – the sacred book of the Mayas. They are related as paradises and they are called Paxil and Kayalá. In Paxil reality is different. When one crosses into it, one immediately perceives a difference in sensations. The senses are heightened. One is surrounded by an energy of tranquillity, of harmony, of peace. It is like returning to the womb, to the origin.
In the parallel dimensions, the configuration of light is different. The light is brighter, without being very hot. One can say that the effect is of a clear light. The richest, most exquisite fruits are there, as well as the most incredible stones. But what is most relevant is the feeling of harmony, of unlimited peace, of being accepted as you are, unconditionally, truly loved.
In the Popol Wuj importance is given to the transfer of that dimension to our dimension, of the grain of corn. Which was brought by the cunning of the ant and the mouse who brought it over. A feat that makes them great, as it is the only reference of a transition from one dimension to another.
According to the prophecies of the ancient Maya, the entire populations of Paxil are returning again to this dimension to support this moment of transition for mankind, and for Mother Earth to Job’Ajaw. This is the moment of the return to consciousness.
These are the times we are living in!
*Adapted from Carlos Barrio, Book of Destiny

Regenerative Mission

Guatemala Regenerativa is a cooperative framework working with local and indigenous communities, NGOs, rangers, governments, as well as with impassioned and committed individuals. Our partnership-based model and diverse range of solutions allow us to design integrated strategies that match the different scopes and scales required to unfold the regenerative potential.
We engage in projects that vary from interventions for specific species, to supporting improved management of the natural capital we all share, to weaving food sovereignty initiatives across the region, and much more. Our flexibility allows us to respectfully and effectively engage the right partners at the right scale needed to mitigate the unique set of threats a species, ecosystem, protected area, or community face. We work toward ensuring a safe future for the cultural, linguistic, and biological diversity that makes Guatemala and the bioregion of Mesoamerica one of the most amazing places on Earth.
Guatemala Regenerativa is the working name of the national chapter for the Guatemalan context and is composed of individuals and organizations across different scales. Guatemala Regenerativa, together with Costa Rica Regenerativa, are the forerunners of the Mesoamerican DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative), working in conjunction to restore and sustain key ecological corridors and communities spanning the bioregion. Circles comprising southern Mexico, Belice, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama are well under way to form part of this emergence.
Our mission is to serve the global movements, organisations and impulses that are creating a more just, connected and regenerative society. We are an ecosystem that not only recognizes and rewards the contributions that you as a planetary healer make, but also amplifies your efforts.
Our strategy is to weave together the plethora of initiatives, movements, new forms of enterprise, and regenerative impulses which are invisibly connected in a shared attempt to bring about a more sustainable future. By uniting existing and emerging regenerative efforts, together we shape an integrated impulse for genuine transformation giving form to a local- and global-scale network of regenerative hubs – all of which align around a shared vision for change.
By establishing circles at a local, national, and bioregional level we are forming an integrated network for peer-to-peer exchange among economies through tools of cooperation and coordination facilitated through the ecosystem.
Each territory that we engage in becomes a bioregional learning hub that is cooperatively owned and managed by local communities. This begins with the development of land suitable for regeneration that can be employed as a training ground for regional economic development. Each local circle becomes the convener for mapping of its territory, coordination of development efforts, related research and educational activities.
If you are an individual or an organisation supporting the regenerative movement and would like to contribute with your gifts to the movement, we invite you to participate.
We are planning cultural events and festivals, ecosystem restoration camps, physical and digital marketplaces, and more, so stay tuned for activities near you.
To regeneration and beyond!

What we do

Identify demands and tipping points that can drive regeneration

Facilitate educational opportunities around regenerative development

Articulate allies, tools and resources for regenerative development

Make accessible the basic concepts of regenerative development

Conceptualize, manage and execute regeneration projects

Build a new narrative that allows us to imagine and create a future of abundance and well-being for all


Dr. Carmen Rosa Alvarado Benítez
[email protected]

Pedro Mendoza Caba
[email protected]

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead